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Biometric Identification?

Biometric identification is becoming practical, affordable and widely used. It brings three important benefits: 
" Convenience of not having to carry keys or cards. 
" Elimination of risks coming from lost or stolen cards or keys. 
" Identity fraud prevention, like "buddy punching" 
" Read more about Biometrics in Time&Space 
The most popular biometric method today is fingerprint identification, due to its superior combination of strength, affordability, maturity, convenience and ease of use. As an early adopter of fingerprint ID technology, Spica International has extensive experience coming from the number of successful installations. 
Spica International integrates fingerprint readers from world leading source, Bioscrypt. Time terminals (DOG20 series) employ Bioscrypt's reader module as built-in, factory installed option. For access control, Bioscrypt's external readers VPass FX and V-Smart are used. 
Time&Space system offers several ways of using fingerprint readers, either as a sole means of identification, or as verification complementing other means of identification, such as PIN code entry, ID cards/badges (RFID, magstripe, barcode) and smartcards (RFID like Mifare and Legic or contact cards like CardKey).

Access Control Systems can also be integrated with Time and Attendance systems and job costing systems to give administrators or management full control of their facility. Biometric time & attendance system requires staff to scan their fingerprint when they clock on or off, eliminating the risk of buddy punching and improving decision making by delivering real time information on staff activity.